I’m Shruthi. Writer and editor. Reader. Story lover. Science maniac. Information junkie. Grammar nut. I obsess over details and worship deadlines. I like my writing to be concise and clear.

In my writing career of nearly ten years, my short fiction has won multiple writing awards, and has been published widely, both in print and online.  I also write for children — science books and picture books. I have worked with NGOs to develop content for children.

I edit science research papers, resumes, college applications and fiction manuscripts, and am also an editor at an international literary magazine. I love editing — to clean up the writing of my clients, to tie up loose ends, and present the matter so that it is just right.

Much of the writing that I have been doing for the past ten years requires in-depth research, talking to and interviewing experts, and understanding new concepts quickly and communicating them in a way that everybody can understand.

I have a Master’s degree in Energy Engineering from one of the top schools of India, and several years of experience in the IT Industry. I grew up in Bangalore, India, and am now based in the SF Bay Area, USA.

You are welcome to contact me for any writing or editing service, and I’ll be happy to help!